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the new market's vision and project frames ...begins design & patterns revolution...

Our design vision is overturning the rules of design of technical products.
Our first step was risky.
In a world of technical materials which for years showed rows and stripes and a mess of colors such as colorful tacky …. One Strings decided to give way to change … clean frames, precise, single color white frames white and fresh and never boring … bright …. so bright ….
A combination created from bright white to the latest technology, materials with dedicated almost exclusively to the pros.
A combination that has created conflict.
But who created the line change that any more … all they did in 2017 and today we see clearly ….
A cosmetic sober, technical, precise, which does not need frills and all those fake technology “that no one sees” ….just many many words to try to show a technology that nobody know and nobody can use (because it’s very difficoult try to use something probably don’t exist…but ok, no problem… the marketing is marketing and people need also this) …. but this is not for us…

The first turning point was given.
The second was the strings  patterns of the revolution that created new gameplay options, but especially new performances … more spin, more depth, more accentuated angles …
One Strings is the first and only world to have improved the patterns which were exclusively used by top players in the world (which they personally demanded the evolution to have more gaming performance)
So, the greater space between the strings, “square” broader that also create greater softness to the impact with the ball ….
But be careful! the pattern that has few cross strings creates performance out who have no control … like a car that has great acceleration but travels without brakes …. in fact are the cross that create the pressure to the main strings … and with few cross defects become evident …
This situation highlights how One Strings was a precursor of the new (but with knowledge of the facts, knowing what he was doing, and certainly not by copying others …)

Today, in 2017, our evolution has brought us over the world!
Above the “top” (we would prefer to say “over the old,” but we prefer to avoid).
We have no fear in naming our frames, indeed all of our products, at the top … in fact, we challenge anyone to try …
Frames expressly defined, precise, compact.
Rigid, at the right point, to be powerful.
But with the feeling of comfort at the impact on our string exclusive, unique patterns … 14×19 and 14×20 and 18×17 (with a unique and secret string design).
Frames recognizable at a distance.
Each type of frame defined by the color of its lateral band.
5 cm of color lateral band are sufficient to present a class racquet and never tacky.
…. and now with a very important new… “SPEED PULSE TECHNOLOGY” proof technology that allows you to move your hand and your racquet with faster speed ….
We have been able to change the weight of 10g in the handle WITHOUT change the balance
…. the answer?!? …. amazing …. what else? …
One Strings has “only” nine years of history, but it has great professionals who have played on the field, trained and experienced tennis ….
In One Strings have no managers or marketing managers …. One Strings hasn’t 100 years of history …. but we work so hard thinking for your best game.

Now, Choose your colour…. Play with colours!


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