Junior Health Products

Protections and developments for kids and juniors

The joints of young juniors players must be defenses with materials specifically designed and processed for the needs of a healthy development physical and technical.
Physical stress and stress of the most young people must be protect with special materials for juniors.
Soft materials mitigating impact with the ball.
Lighter materials that might help the most small to re-technical movements in the best way and how much more close to technical perfection.
Materials developed and designed to have different elasticity and meet the specific needs of juniors players.

30%/40% of flexibility more!

Compared to monofilaments “HP” Series (High Performance Series)

The right string is not just an accessory any.
String with frame is the technical equipment more important.
Combination string/frame allow the best performance of shots.
The right combination defends the physical structure of any player.
Especially the most young people need to be helped by perfect combination of quality and technology.

Here’s why One Strings created

Born to give support specific materials on the bases of:


Use Juniors Health Products ® it’s strongly advised to get the most of comfort and receive a big benefit especially when young juniors begin their activities with long game and super training sections.
Hitting the ball continuously and repeated in phase of growth require to a choice of materials designer to meet the needs of young players.

To ensure adequate protection for joints it is important do not buy products not suitable to age and standard technique of young player.
Do not buy material purchased just for a question of offers and price, do not buy materials without the trademark Juniors Health Products ®.

Helps to keep as much low possible injury and helps technical growth of young athlete preserving as more as possible his physics integrity for longer time, trying to do a long career.

With Juniors Health Products ® we strive as more as possible to prevent damage in age adult that may have important implications.

Strings collection “Xtra Soft Poly” are Juniors Health Products ®.

They have been made with a particular polyestere able to raise flexibility and modular according to the needs requests to help young players junior to obtain extreme comfort and performances suitable under age.

Finishing rubbery makes “Xtra Soft Poly” inimitable, ubeatable.

30%/40% of flexibility more!

Compared to monofilaments “HP” Series (High Performance Series)

“Xtra soft Poly” Collection:

“Crystal Kids” maximum flexibility with +40%
Dedicated to youngers
With age 6-9 years
Color transparent ice

“Crystal” maximum flexibility with +30%
Dedicated to young
With age 10-13 years
Color transparent blue sky

We recommend to always check that the strings “Xtra Soft Poly” are mounted properly and that the tension is always that suits the age and feature of string selection based on age and game feature.
Always make sure that they are actually strings mounted from your choices and that the tension is in fact that request.


They are the only ones that have exposed the symbol on the packaging.

We recommend you to check number of hours played have been carried out and in all cases to replace the stings with a new set no later than the 15/20 hours game and in any case no later than two months of time for always take advantage of the best performance possible to protect fine quality of the product.



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