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Hi-Tech italian tennis brand unique in the world.

Produce a good string is how to produce a good wine… there are so many manufacturers, but few know how to do well… and each has its good string components secrets, just like every good wine has its own …

One Strings was established in November 2008 The name recalls the initial design, to become the most important tennis string, the best, the number one of strings market …. “One Strings” … and the strangeness of the name “One” (singular) and “Strings” ( plural) is derived from the desire to create the double meaning, “string number one” and “number one strings” (meaning “the best strings”)

the logo was born so the idea of the first string created (also the first in the world) in black and every color variation … if you look carefully you’ll see the logo/pictogram is “alive” and revolves around the central black, with the spiral colors that revolve round the central black soul primary, from which everything begins.

Project start thinking at a new concept of quality, developing everyone sport product to provide professional products designed and developed to the highest possible performance and make them usable for all sports, even amateur. manic search for details of each product sector, with limited production numbers. Materials designed to better performances, top quality that are combined with a unique design.

Technical developments that require months and months of studies and tests. These are the foundations on which it was founded One Strings

In a world where most big-sports brand are copy of copy of another copy… with more copy… One Strings gives you the opportunity to be part of something different.

Founder and owner of One Strings, Sergio Bonomi, former tennis player, former players coach, former national team… has have decided to create a new idea of sports products of high quality.¬†

Technical materials to obtain the best performance, thinked, sketched, developed, designed, tested and ultimately created by those who live real tennis, thinking about the unique design that in these eight/nine years in One Strings we prefer to say it was a source of inspiration for many others brands.

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