Return policy

Request made within 14 days of receipt.
You can request made no later than 14 days after receipt of your order.

Resend the products in perfect condition.
Remember to:

  • Do not remove the plastic covering of the handle of the tennis racquets
  • Not to dirty clothes and shoes while you try them
  • Do not remove labels and tags
  • Do not destroy or damage boxes, envelopes and original packaging
  • Do not write on the boxes or on the original packaging
  • Do not wash clothing and shoes
  • Give back all accessories originally supplied

Not accept returns of:

  • Tennis rackets free of plastic coating on the handle;
  • Balls of open tubes;
  • Visibly products used;
  • Shoes and / or clothing without tags and / or original box;
  • Electronic products free of all accessories originally supplied;Products bearing alteration, tampering, breakage, abrasion or simple opening of a seal.

Attention, in the cases listed above the return you will not be refunded and your product will remain at your disposal.
The material will be sent back signing charging you the transportation costs.

Immediate refund
As soon as we receive your return, if it meets the requirements listed above, we provide to refund the amount.

  • We Cover by bank transfer.
  • No refunds by other means (refills of cards, money orders, bank checks).

Although not provided, see the articles 1490 of the Civil Code.