Warranty condition

Terms of Guarantee
One Strings only distributes original products, and / or official import and covered by the Official Manufacturer Warranty.
Manufacturer Warranty.
Each product distributed by One Strings enjoys the Official Warranty of Manufacturer as indicated by Italian law. As of the date of delivery of the product, the purchaser is covered by a period of 24 months warranty if you purchased the product in a personal capacity, or 12 months if bought for professional purposes (purchase with a VAT). Once you have discovered the defect, the consumer has 2 months to report the defect to One Strings, which will be activated so that the consumer’s rights are protected disbrigando all the necessary practices in order to get the repair and / or replacement of the product in the shortest possible time. The warranty never covers the damage to the products procured by improper use of the same, let alone any damages caused by the products to third parties or to property and third party objects.

Compliance guarantee
It is defined as a lack of conformity defect verifiable at the time of receiving the product and still be visible before the beginning of the use thereof.
One Strings offers direct warranty against conformity defects and ensures the immediate replacement of the product “non-compliant.”
For all other cases it is valid the Manufacturer Warranty.
Examples of defects:

  • Receiving a damaged product during transport
  • Receiving a new product with visible defects before use.

Products Excluded from the guarantee
They are excluded from any type of the stringing of racquets made of new buyer indication Warranty. One Strings offers a fitting service free of the ropes if purchased together with a racket and the gratuitousness of this provision voids any right to claim on the string quality and / or its mounting. With the demand for stringing the buyer relies on One Strings commissioned to carry out the installation on purchased racket, recognizing their capacity to perform the work in a workmanlike manner and with the most suitable and updated tools. They are therefore to be considered null and void all claims relating to alleged incorrect stress, of string premature failures or disputes on the mounting technique.

Discovery of a defect in production and Procedure Returns
The buyer must report to One Strings any problem and / or alleged defect within 60 days after discovery of the same, requiring the product concerned made by the appropriate procedure.
One Strings authorize the returned product (with transport at buyer’s expense) and will immediately forward the product to the manufacturer, which prior technical expertise will be speaking about the specific case.
After the technical response of One Strings manufacturer will replace the product if the defect assessment, or the return of the product if not covered under the warranty.
In any case, for all the quality problems as attested by the technical response of the manufacturer. For more information on the return procedure please read the Return Policy